Christian Co-Ed Housing FAQ

Here is the Courtyard Christian Co-Ed Housing FAQ page

Regarding the OSU FYE (First Year Experience) Live-On Policy, can first year students live at Courtyard?

YES!  The Dean of Student Life at Oregon State University states that freshmen students that want to live at the Courtyard be dual-enrolled at OSU Degree Partnership Program and LBCC (Linn-Benton Community College).  THIS IS AN OSU REQUIREMENT, NOT COURTYARD.  This means that more than 50% of your credits are taken at LBCC.  Freshmen find dual-enrollment favorable for the following reasons:  1.  Class sizes are smaller for freshmen classes (30 vs. 300); 2.  Instructors at LBCC want to teach their students and make them successful to tackle the upper division courses; 3.  There is a significant cost savings per credit hour by taking more classes at LBCC; 4.  Dual-enrollment is embraced by OSU counselors who will help coordinate the student taking the necessary core classes that are fully recognized by OSU.

OSU enrolling students that have been out of high school one year may live at the Courtyard without dual-enrollment.

Scholarship questions should be directly ask of the OSU Dean of Student Life.

The FYE policy does have a religious exemption clause, but OSU has deemed that the university dorms can supply the needs of Christians living in the dorms.  To live off campus, freshmen will need to: 1.  be sure to check with OSU to confirm that you are a first year student; if you have been out of high school one full year from graduation, you are exempt from the live-on policy.

You will need to apply at Oregon State University UHDS (University Housing & Dining Services). You will need to write a letter requesting a religious exemption due to your religious & moral convictions.  For example: “I believe that being made to live in the OSU resident hall conditions will be detrimental in the practice my Christian beliefs.  The sexual activity, excessive drinking of alcohol, ect. that goes on in the dorms is counter to my spiritual growth and well-being.” Your comments SHOULD NOT stipulate your intended place of living so that it is clear you wish a religious exemption.Oregon State University

With permission, this is one student’s partial letter: “there is no place in OSU’s residence halls which can provide an atmosphere of Christian Community which I sincerely hold to be vital to my spiritual health and growth. I believe it would be best for me to live in an off-campus Christian Co-op where I will not just be rooming with, but also living next to, worshipping with, sharing household duties with, relaxing and recreating with, eating with and serving with students holding a similar Christian worldview. It is very important to me that I live in a community with others that agree with my beliefs and uphold them with their lifestyles. Since there is no such community on the OSU campus, I believe that to require me to live on campus would inhibit my religious practices.”

First year students must still apply with the OSU University Housing and Dining Services (UHDS) office, (online) and then petition for the “religious exemption”. Contact us if you need help with the steps or if there are any problems. If OSU declines your religious petition, you may need to contact ACLJ (American Center for Law & Justice) who is aware of the situation from last year and has defended students’ rights.  We can help you with this.

It may require that first-year students dual-enroll at LBCC & OSU.  We will help you work through this requirement.

For more information, visit the OSU UHDS page and click on the First Year Experience link.

Click here to read the OSU FYE Policy with exceptions.

If you have any questions regarding OSU freshmen at Courtyard, please call us at 541-602-2435.  Outdoor Concert

Can a person move into Courtyard in the middle of the year?

Students can typically move into Courtyard any time of the year if there is space available. Occasionally, students discover that dorm life doesn’t work for them but don’t realize that there is another option to explore. Breaking the UHDS housing contract requires paying penalty fees. But since Courtyard rates are so much less expensive than living on campus, past Courtyard residents have found that, after paying penalties, it is still cheaper to live here.
Give Courtyard a call for more information.

Who or what is Relevance?

Relevance is a 501(c)(3) charitable ministry whose vision is: “To produce, promote, distribute, and exhibit the relevance of God, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, in all forms of art, music, and communication, to all peoples, through all methods.” Although not associated with any one denomination, its mission is to work in collaboration with all churches to reach people for Jesus Christ. Courtyard is a means to achieve that vision in two specific ways. (1) Through providing an environment for Christian students to sharpen their spiritual persons through discipleship and serving in the community and (2) by providing public teaching and activities that welcome the community in to see the relevance of Jesus Christ through courses like Alpha, Quest, and coffeehouse type programs.

How many students live at Courtyard?

There is room for 48 students. There is a men’s wing, a women’s wing, and an apartment wing with two apartments for women and two apartments for men.

How many roommates will you have?

The number of people per room varies from two per room up to eight, but typically there is three to four per room.

How much is rent per month?

Rents currently range from about $6470 to $8010 per year. Those rates are divided into 10 payments, the first of which is due at check-in, and the rest are due at the beginning of each month for the balance of the school year (October through June). Rates are subject to change for each school year. 2017-2018 Room Rates & Occupancy.

What is provided by Courtyard for the rent I pay?

• A room for sleeping and studying plus all utilities

• Meals which include breakfast food items provided by Courtyard but prepared by residents, and lunches and dinners prepared by our chef. (Meals are only provided on days when school is in session. Meals are not provided on weekends, school holidays or breaks)

• Wireless internet

• Laundry facilities

Is it mandatory for the residents to attend a specific church on Sundays, or are they able to attend a Christian church of their choice?

Residents are required to attend a Bible-teaching church in the area but are not required to attend one specific church. There are a number of good churches in Corvallis.

Are there weekly house meetings that Courtyard residents are Worship at Courtyardrequired to attend?

Yes, there are mandatory Family Nights on Mondays during 5-9 pm.

Are Courtyard residents required to do any chores?

Yes. Courtyard is a resident living facility where residents cooperate in the care and maintenance of the house. Each resident will have two house chores and one kitchen duty assigned at the beginning of each term. Additionally, residents will be responsible to clean their own rooms and bathrooms.

How does the house handle food allergies or special dietary needs that residents might have?

Our chef creates the menu each week but she is great about working with residents. If you have certain allergies that you need to have addressed while living at Courtyard, you will need to talk to our chef before the beginning of the school year to insure that we will have some menu items suitable to your needs. Special diets are not normally provided for and may cost extra.

What are the rules about alcohol, tobacco, drugs, or weapons on Courtyard property?

Absolutely none of these things are to be used or possessed by Courtyard residents or their guests on Courtyard property at any time.

Are there telephones in the students’ rooms?

No phone service is provided to students since the average student uses a personal cell phone. However, there is an emergency phone available. Internet phone service can be used but phone numbers that cause a charge will be tracked to the resident.

Are there “quiet hours?”

Yes. Quiet hours are voted on at the beginning of each year. Also, additional quiet hours apply during dead weeks and finals weeks.

Are there any time restrictions for when visitors can be in the house?

Yes. Visitors are welcome and visitor hours are posted.

Are there any areas of the house for residents only?

Yes. The second floor is the resident room floor. Visitors are allowed on the second floor only when accompanied by a resident and only during posted visitor times to allow for privacy, sleep and modesty. The second floor access is by resident key to prevent unauthorized access.

What furniture is provided by the house for the residents?

• Wardrobe and personal storage space. The dimensions vary, but the average size of the wardrobe is 45″ tall by 22″ wide by 24″ deep.
• A desk. The tabletops vary, but the average is 25″ deep and 48″ wide. Most do not have drawers, so we suggest plastic bins or drawers to keep small items.
• A bed. Each student gets either a top or bottom bunk. These beds are standard twin, but the mattresses are deep enough that extra long sheets will fit as well.

Is there room for me to bring any furniture?

As each room differs in size, it is suggested to start out the year with the basics and work up from there, if you and your roommates agree upon it. Residents are, however, encouraged to bring storage containers (i.e. three-drawer plastic containers, plastic bins to fit under the beds (10″ tall, etc.) when moving in, as often times, students need more storage space than is provided.

Is wireless internet provided by the house?

Yes, we provide wireless Internet for all house residents.

Are there any items that residents CANNOT have in their rooms?

• No extension cords (power strips with circuit breakers are OK)
• No wall hanging methods that will cause damage (see director for approval)
• No candles or open flame

Are there any electronic items (i.e. lamps, clocks, etc.) provided by the house?

Besides overhead lighting, residents will need to furnish their own additional lighting sources, alarm clocks, stereos, computers, etc.

Is there stereo, television, DVD, VHS, at the house?

Yes. We have a TV, and a DVD player in the lounge.

Can I have my own television, VCR, and/or DVD player in my room?

Yes. However, we suggest that you check with your roommates to make sure there is space and that you don’t double up on certain items.Courtyard Sleep

Are friends and family allowed to stay overnight at the house? Are there places for them to sleep?

Yes. Friends of the same gender and family are welcome to spend the night at Courtyard for up to two consecutive nights per guest. Approval from roommates must be obtained. If there is a need for your guest to stay longer than two nights, please discuss it with one of the house Directors. There are no designated sleeping areas for guests. The best way to insure a bed for your guest is to check with your roommates about dates they will be away from the house and ask them if you or your guest may borrow their bed for the night.

If I become a resident at Courtyard, who will my roommates be?

Once you have signed your contract for the next school year, you will be sent a “Roommate Questionnaire” to fill out about yourself, including questions such as “How outgoing do you consider yourself”, “What type of music do your listen to?”, “How clean do you keep your room?”, etc.

Are residents allowed to have pets?

Fish are the only pets that residents are allowed to keep. Smaller fishbowls are recommended.

Where do Courtyard residents do their laundry?

There is a laundry room located on the main floor of the house. Residents are welcome to use the facilities at no charge (two washers, two dryers, one ironing board, and one drying rack) twenty-four hours per day. Residents sign-up for two hour time slots in which to use the washers and dryers (you may sign-up for extra slots if available). Laundry soap is provided by residents. A clean bin is available for clothes left after the two hour slot.

Are there places to keep your toiletries in the bathroom?

Each room has an assigned private bathroom, either attached or unattached. Most, but not all, bathrooms have some storage space. Residents may want to provide their own plastic storage bins.

Are there places where I can store my personal food items?

Yes. Each apartment has a private refrigerator. Other rooms share a common refrigerator, one for men and one for women. Items must be marked with your name and perishables must be dated. Refrigerator cleaning is a regular chore and out of date items are thrown away.

Should I bring my formal/semi-formal attire for any reason?

Yes. Courtyard residents may attend between two to four semi-formal/formal events during the school year. You will want your dresses, shoes, and jewelry at the house to choose from. Also, Monday night Family Nights are more dressy, as well.

Is there a place for sports and outdoor activities?

Each year, there is an intramural sports program for OSU students with seasonal sports. Courtyard puts together teams of interested residents to participate in the various sports throughout the year such as flag football, basketball, volleyball and softball. Teams can be co-ed and enjoyed by those of all experience levels. If you don’t want to participate, you can always go to cheer on the team! For other outdoor activities, Courtyard is aptly named for its outdoor space located in the center of the building which has trees, greenery, a fountain and tables and is a great place for a BBQ or to soak up some sun. Also, Chintimini Park is located just across the street where field and court activities are available throughout the year. There are four sand volleyball courts, two softball fields, and open lawn for soccer or football on 7.4 acres.

Is parking available?

Yes. The Courtyard has 37 parking spaces, three of which are reserved for the chef and directors, and four spaces reserved for guests. The balance of the spaces are issued to residents by permit. The cost for the permit is $30 per month for Courtyard Residents and $35 for non-Courtyard Residents.