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View More: Geisert is the Courtyard Director. She grew up in Corvallis and graduated from Corvallis High School. She spent 5 years studying and working in British Columbia, Canada and has a Bachelor of Arts in Pastoral Leadership from Pacific Life Bible College. She spent the last year working at the Pregnancy Options Center in Surrey BC as the sexual integrity director and counselor, meeting with women who were facing the biggest crisis of their young lives and sharing the love of Christ with them. She has also been able to speak to hundreds of teenagers about media awareness, integrity, and sexual morality and loved the opportunity to speak to unchurched kids about Biblical principles. In her spare time she loves to cook, watch movies, and spend quality time with her family. She also loves seeing young people seeking after God and watching them make big moves for the Kingdom, which is why she is here at Courtyard, believing in its mission, and thrilled to be a part of it.



Chaz, Men's Director

Chaz Luchterhand, the  Men’s Director at the Courtyard,  has a heart for discipling men and women and seeing them grow in their relationship with God. He has been involved with college ministry in some shape or form for the last 9 years. He will continue his work with Nav Neighbors, finding open doors and open hearts around the campus and with people of every nation. Chaz graduated with a Bachelor in Science of Biblical Studies from Corban University and thrives searching the Scriptures. He continues to be amazed by God’s provision and answers to prayer. Chaz runs… he runs for fun, for exercise, but running also allows him to feel the freedom of God’s pleasure. Quote of Chaz, “I love the smell of bacon when I wake up.” And “People are my passion (especially college students) and I can’t dream of anything more amazing in this season of life than growing into the image of God with 50 followers of God as a family.”


Chef Lisa IversonLisa Iverson is the Courtyard Chef.  Bringing her culinary talents to mix with her experience,  Lisa captures the college appetite with great success.  Mom to two growing boys, Lisa loves teaching Courtyard residents about food preparation and presentation.  A warm smile and and orchestrated symphony of pans, knives and fresh ingredients delight a palate.  Ordering and receiving, thousands of dollars of groceries every week, Lisa’s planning for 50 or 100 hungry souls spans from the simple lunch to the elegant Monday night dinners that nobody likes to miss.  The Courtyard food is legendary and continues to be.





Walt & Kim Griffiths



Walt and Kim Griffiths , Founders










Jim Dickie







Lionel Wilson




Bob & Linda Wheeler


In loving memory, our friend and board member,   Bob Wheeler, died April 19, 2016 and is with the Lord Jesus.  We pray for his wife, Linda, and our loss of Bob, is heaven’s gain.



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